Agustina Brum: More than Just a Beauty Icon

Designing her services on a foundation of authenticity and a whole lot of warm-hearted passion, Agustina Brum is a spearheading Uruguayan entrepreneur, international model, and artist who has already left lasting marks in the world of beauty and business. As a dynamic professional and successful American esthetician, Agustina has an extensive background when it comes to the intricacies of business development and wholesome leadership and enjoys every moment of being able to leverage that history to instill positive change on both a granular and societal level. 

Belonging to a historical Brum family in Uruguay (home declared a national monument due to her great-granduncle Baltasar Brum being the president of the Republic of Uruguay between 1919 to 1923), Agustina was born with a rooted entrepreneurial mindset and a strong appreciation for the beauty/fashion worlds. With this as her base and becoming influenced by the beauty of the best Amethyst and Quartz crystals on her family’s private estancia, it ultimately became the catalyst for Agustina to dive deep into her innate businesswoman aspirations. To date, she has since created the ‘Agustina Brum Skincare‘ line as well as a luxury skincare clinic located in Mill Valley, CA. Furthermore, Agustina has formed a core reputation for herself in the San Francisco Bay Area for her innovative, non-invasive anti-aging skincare treatments, earning her the nickname ‘The Miracle Worker’ and the Best Esthetician Award at the 2021 Orion Star Awards in Dubai. 

Along with this, Agustina simultaneously worked with numerous illustrious brands, including Ed Hardy, Agent Provocateur, Laguna Beach Swim, and Gypsy Couture, and was the prior muse for the famous photographer ONYX in Florida. Fast forward to today, Agustina continues to advance and reform her brands as the industries evolve and has taken on several new ongoing projects ranging from personal to professional. The most notable ones at this time include resurrecting her artistic gift of painting that laid dormant for 20 years and proactively working on launching her own fashion line in early 2022, a lifelong dream that is finally transforming into an exciting, tangible reality. 

As a professional fueled by fueling others, nothing makes Agustina happier than being able to help others unlock their full potential and do so all while delivering them the most positive and empowering experiences they deserve along the way. Overall, Agustina has a genuine love for what she does, values people over money, and demonstrates that through her enriching art, fashion, and luxury skincare products that provoke new levels of confidence and self-accentuation. This, in conjunction with her motivating energy and intense passion for inspiring lasting positivity, is what shaped Agustina into the renowned multi-leader she is today – one who continuously strives to raise the standards bar for her customers, the community, and the beauty/fashion industry as a whole.

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