Graffiti Jewellery: A Luxury Jewelry Brand

Tastes differ among individuals, but most of them agree on the beauty of “Graffiti” jewellery, the originality of its modern and innovative designs, with the latest unique creative methods.

 Graffiti Jewelry, a distinctive Armenian brand, started from a jewellery-making workshop in 1998 in Lebanon, to reach Armenia and the United Arab Emirates today.

 “Graffiti” is classified as one of the most prominent brands in the world of jewellery, for its high-end works and designs that appeal to lovers of elegance and fashion, and luxurious Italian royal antiques that acquire great importance in the global markets, which made “Graffiti” a destination for many celebrities and influencers in Armenia and the Arab world.

 It is necessary to mention the great position occupied by the jewellery house “Graffiti” in Armenia and the United Arab Emirates, where it has imposed its name strongly in both countries as a result of its long experience and professionalism.

 To follow the official account of the jewellery house “Graffiti” on Instagram:

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