Who is Vassilios Nicolas Vitsilogiannis?

Interview by Halila Siham

Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis works as a journalist in Dubai in the past ten years. He is accredited by the Association of European Journalists. He’s the editor-in-chief of a printed and digital Greek tourist guide insert in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia magazine. Vassilios was born in Athens, Greece. He moved to Canada to study Linguistics. Then, he moved and studied Political Science/International Relation in the USA. Also, he produces a weekly podcast on current issues for Radio Melodia, Canada. Vassilios’ interviews are published on various websites and digital tv platforms, like BCI Media Group, around the world.
Also, he’s the anchorman of the weekly English news report on Radio Strimonika under the auspices of the Hellenic Radio Museum and the show broadcast in the Balkan region.

1-Could you introduce yourself to our readers?. 

It’s my pleasure to be featuring in the magazine. I’m a journalist and my duty is to provide people the untold story. That’s what journalism should be.

2-I would like to ask some of your most important achievements?

A good partnership is an achievement. It’s highly honorary when my work is recognized and goes beyond borders to every country. I’ve been working with big title magazines around the world as well as websites, radios and TV stations on digital platforms.

3-What are the ingredients you mix in order to make your interviews unique?

Considering the fact that any of my guests might be in a very awkward position, I try to have a conversation to unwind them, so as to go through the interview smoothly. My main characteristic is my personality as I try to be creative, in order to make my guests interested in our interview and happy to participate in it without second thoughts. I must create a friendly environment with positive vibes.

4-Can you define success?

I would say exactly the definition we find in the dictionary. It’s the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. And this is what I do. We must work hard to achieve what we’ve dreamt of.

5-Should a journalist play an important role in the media?

Journalism plays a very important role in democratic societies. One of its main purposes is to supply audience with real stories to know the truth.
A journalist should serve as a public ‘watchdog’ by monitoring any political, economic or scientific process in order to ensure that the people in the above-mentioned fields carry out the right decisions for the well-being of the citizens.

6-What do you think should be the qualities of a journalist to be effective?

Thorough knowledge, investigative skills, professionalism, confidence, persistence, discipline, punctuality and stress management. Furthermore, ethics are important to the essential qualities of a good journalist.

7-How do you handle major challenges as a journalist? 

Sometimes, working in a team does not avail the members to be more productive or creative and the outcome is unsatisfactory. So, I need to be more apprehended, spirited and perseverant to drive the project through.

8-Give us some feed of your daily routine as a journalist?

As we all know journalists don’t have a daily routine. Every day is a new day. We’re chasing the stories and digging out the truth. But I can give you a brief about it. I wake up at eight in the morning get in touch with my colleagues and get our work starting. Events is something that I attend to cover on account of the media I work for. Some days, I go out with family and friends.

9 -What are the strategies and mindset required for one who’s a journalist?

That’s a very good question. One strategy is to speak and sound strategic. What I mean is that strategic thinkers also know how to speak the language. They prioritize and sequence their thoughts. I consider it of an utmost importance once the audience focuses solely on the core message. And that what we want to pass on to the people…the message. The mindset needs to be set upon investigative attitude. Be aware of the fact that a situation is puzzling but that you don’t know which is the best thing to do. This applies to anything in our lives.

10-You have interviewed dozens of famous’s artists can you tell us more about them?

Meeting these great people is an information that adds up and becomes knowledge once I go through their lives and their work I learn from them. I see through them a variety of values, ideas, norms, beliefs and mindsets. This is an experience that needs to be explored. I have a very good relationship with most of the celebrities, so every interview is a friendly discussion. They open up.

11- How do you stay motivated at work?

First and foremost, I create ethical relationships with my colleagues, honesty is very often a major focus, and then I never think of the work as a work. I reckon it’s my day to go out and have fun.

12-  What type of advice you can give someone who wants to start in journalism?

Believe in yourself, be true, tell the truth and relish the moments you meet new people.

13-Describe a time you failed in this role? And the lesson you learned?

To contact a celebrity it’s not easy, sometimes I find closed doors. This is a failure. But I try a second time where’s successful. I must be patient and give time to people to think.

14-What skills do you employ when interviewing individuals for stories?

A journalist should be courteous, let the interviewee take time, look at the person in the eye when asking questions, be a good listener, become community literate and be sympathetic towards any individual who’s involved in the story.

Photo credits: Angelos Maniatis
MUHA: Kanella Vollari

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