Lizan Dizaye is Titled the Queen of Techno, Trance Edm Music, all over the USA News Press

Dutch kurdish artist Lizan Dizaye is a rising star in the music industry, with a golden voice. Her unique style & voice and incredible talents, has captivated the hearts of millions of listeners all over the world, lizan is a stunning natural beauty who also supports others women to chase their dreams and to never give up on their goals, it have made her one of the most famous artists in the industry today shes also a producer and agent who futures models on covers of her magazines. And in the music industery with several upcoming releases on the horizon, Lizan Dizaye quickly became a popular name, and fans all around the world are falling in love with her music her songs “vibes” and “moonlight” reached over 2 million plays on music platforms on the first day of it’s release. Soon after lizan released another song titled “Fly So High” the song reached over 3 million plays on it’s first release day in only 2 hours, the song has become very popular in usa and is being played on iheartradio and kissfm and power98.5radio Lizan is the first kurd who managed to receive recognition in the american press and radios. Soon after Lizan got recognition from her own nation kurdistan too she got interviewed by the popular kurdish news media +964.

Lizan Dizaye remains grateful all tho sometimes she soars alone while chasing her dreams. She credits her family and fans for her success and is always looking for ways to give back love to her fans. Shes ambassador of wfpusa along with the famous artists kate hudson and the weeknd she frequently donates her time and resources to charity, and her fans appreciate her kindness and generosity.

Looking to the future, Lizan Dizaye has several exciting releases in the work. Her fans are eagerly awaiting for her upcoming album, which promises to be another masterpiece. She has also hinted at possible collaborations with other industry well known artists, she has fans on the edge of their seats her song vibes is being performed at celebrityboxing ft famefaiella. Lizan was also awarded miss highschool and won highschool idol competition in holland, her songs reaches millions of plays and streams. Lizan is also a well known model, producer, influencer and CEO of blockbustermag and the glamweekly magazine. Lizan is the first kurdish girl from erbil kurdistan that managed to get futured covergirl on GQ, Vogue, Elleusa, Grazia l’officiel, Ellementsmagazine, nycelebrity and over 1000 press magazines. annouced her new magazine based on her name.

L.Dizaye.magazine, it’s the first kurdish magazine by lizan dizaye where you can see international hollywoodstars and more on the cover, it is based on her heritige ancestors name (dizaye) the name is a well known popular kurdish monarch name and a popular rich monarch related kurdiah family. L. Dizaye.Magazine is a lifestyle, fashion, culture, luxury, celebrity, news sort of magazine. 

Lizan Dizaye a great star is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. Her talent & beauty, and kindness have won the hearts of fans all over the world. With so much success already under her belt and a bright future ahead, it’s clear that Lizan Dizaye is a force t reckoned with in the fame industry.

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