And XP collection makes unique debut in 72nd Miss Universe

In a spectacular fusion of beauty, culture, and artistry, Xander Pratt, the avant-garde artist from Morocco, recently graced the Miss Universe Coronation Night held in El Salvador. His presence not only added a touch of international flair to the event but also symbolized the evolving landscape of beauty pageants and their increasing emphasis on global connections. Xander Pratt is a dreamer as much as an artist. Originally from Zimbabwe, he has origins in Ghana and South Africa. He has travelled throughout Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, drawing inspiration from global south cultures, futurism, and neo-Africanism to create his distinctive brand. His present home is in Morocco, a country that has recognized his abilities and encouraged his creativity, especially in fashion design

Earlier in the evening, Xander Pratt had the opportunity to connect with Francis Peña, Mrs. Latina from Colombia. Mrs. Peña’s impactful message resonated through the venue — “Beauty is ageless and cuts across borders and cultures.” This sentiment echoed the inclusive spirit of Miss Universe, where contestants from various backgrounds come together to redefine beauty standards. Accompanying Xander Pratt was Josh Yugen, the Miss Universe franchise owner in Bahrain, Pakistan, and Egypt, based in Dubai. This collaboration showcased the global reach and interconnectedness of the beauty and art industries. Pratt’s global tour, a journey

through continents and cultures, reflects the power of art to unite

The Miss Universe pageant, a symbol of beauty and grace, has undergone a transformative journey, reshaping norms and challenging stereotypes. Acquired by a Thai mogul and trans-woman, the pageant has embraced a new era under her leadership. The capital moved from New York to Bangkok, marking a significant shift in the pageant’s narrative. Under its new leadership, Miss Universe has become a trailblazer in breaking gender stereotypes. The pageant now stands as a beacon of empowerment, emphasizing not only physical beauty but also intelligence, talent, and social responsibility. This evolution aligns with Xander Pratt’s own vision, making his participation in this new era particularly poignant.

Xander Pratt’s journey extends beyond his artistic performances. As the founder of Anticipate, a modeling and talent school-agency, he is shaping the next generation of global talents. With locations in Marrakesh, the fashion capital, and Manila, the heart of pageantry, Anticipate is a testament to Pratt’s commitment to nurturing creativity across diverse landscapes. Xander Pratt’s appearance at the Miss Universe Coronation Night was not just a performance; it was a statement on the interconnectedness of art, beauty, and culture. As he embarks on this global tour, Pratt continues to transcend boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the evolving narrative of beauty and art in a world that embraces diversity and celebrates individuality. He is motivated by the strength of uniqueness and works as a concept developer, creative director, producer, and life coach. In his view, fashion serves as both a philosophy and a kind of armour for the current day against the concrete jungle that is public perception. His goal is to unite cultures from all over the world—from Asia and Latin America to Africa and Africa—by means of a modelling business

that uses its talent pool to explore and trade cultures. Through his music and clothes, he has already started the process of fusing cultures, and he hopes to carry on this mission.

He is also working with the UNESCO Artists for Peace under Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, a Filipino activist and advocate for women’s rights He has expressed his admiration for women who are courageous, curious, and audacious enough to make world-shaking discoveries and push the limits of what’s possible He also celebrates the diversity, creativity, and leadership of women from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions through his multidisciplinary art forms He is a vocal critic of the patriarchal system that oppresses and marginalizes women, especially in the Global South. He has said: “We need to break the chains of conditioning that have been imposed on us by the dominant culture. We need to reclaim our power and our voice as women and as human beings. We need to create a new narrative that honours our feminine energy and our individuality.”

Xander Pratt is an artist who believes in the empowerment of women and is against the discrimination and silencing of feminist thought. He was raised by a single mother, who was a feminist writer from Zimbabwe, which is why he supports youth, women and artists around the Global South through collective movements of passionate change.Both Xander Pratt and Miss Universe value the expression of feminine energy as a source of strength, creativity, and innovation. They also value the empowerment of women as leaders and role models who can create positive change in the world. By emphasizing these shared values, one can align Xander Pratt’s vision 

Xander Pratt: Xander Pratt Ilumina la Noche de Coronación de Miss Universo con Arte y Visión Global, un artista por la paz y un puente entre culturas

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