Glam Your Image: Crafting Elegance Through Etiquette and Protocol

In a world often bustling with diverse interactions, the finesse of etiquette and the sophistication of protocol hold a unique significance. Elisabete Reis, a distinguished Image Specialist and Consultant, and the founder of Glam Your Image, has masterfully woven this significance into her journey, transforming lives and interactions through her expertise. From boardrooms to living rooms, from children’s lessons to diplomatic exchanges, Reis’ influence resonates through every graceful encounter.

Etiquette and Protocol: Weaving the Threads of Elegance

Etiquette and protocol aren’t just abstract concepts; they are the threads that weave the fabric of harmonious interactions. Elisabete Reis, the adept weaver and founder of Glam Your Image, crafts these threads into elegant narratives that enrich lives and elevate impressions. Her journey, anchored by her creation Glam Your Image, has been an exploration of the fine balance between traditional grace, modern dynamics, and the intricacies of effective communication.

Navigating Corporate Realms with Grace and Confidence

In the corporate world, where impressions can shape careers, Reis stands as a guiding light. She has helped executives and CEOs navigate the intricate maze of professional interactions. Beyond attire and grooming, she emphasizes the importance of body language, from confident posture to impactful gestures. Reis’ guidance empowers professionals to command respect through not just their words, but their entire presence. Glam Your Image’s influence goes beyond wardrobe to include the power of non-verbal cues.

The Delicacy of One-on-One Etiquette

From the corporate boardroom to the cozy corner of a living room, Reis’ influence extends to intimate interactions. Her one-on-one etiquette coaching, a hallmark of Glam Your Image, enables individuals to establish genuine connections. Through her guidance, they learn the art of active listening, using appropriate voice pitch, and employing gestures that convey empathy and understanding. Reis assists her clients in communicating their thoughts with sincerity, fostering relationships built on authenticity.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders : Children and Teenagers

Reis’ passion extends to the younger generation, where she imparts the values of etiquette and protocol. Through interactive lessons, children and teenagers learn the art of respectful communication, grooming, and social conduct. Reis goes beyond surface-level teaching, delving into the importance of eye contact, respectful tone, and confident body language. Glam Your Image ensures that these lessons are imbued with a sense of self-worth.

From Bridal Elegance to Diplomatic Protocol

Elisabete Reis’ influence is just as radiant in the world of weddings. Bridal styling is a symphony of details, and Reis orchestrates this symphony with meticulous attention. She ensures that every movement, every expression, speaks the language of joy and love. On the other end of the spectrum, her expertise in diplomatic protocol ensures dignitaries and officials navigate international engagements with finesse, from dignified posture to cultural awareness.

Home Sweet Home: Etiquette at Every Corner

Even within the sanctums of home, etiquette and protocol hold value. Reis understands this intimately, guiding stay-at-home parents to project warmth and respect in familial interactions. Through her influence, homes transform into havens of connection, where etiquette becomes the language of love. She encourages not only courteous words but also gestures that nurture understanding and harmony, a principle embedded in Glam Your Image’s philosophy.

Empowering Individuals, Elevating Societies

Elisabete Reis’ journey isn’t confined to individuals; it’s about shaping societies. Through her workshops, she enlightens diverse groups on the nuances of etiquette and protocol. Whether it’s CEOs leading companies, teenagers stepping into adulthood, or diplomats fostering international relations, Reis’ wisdom creates ripples of positive change. These workshops delve into the power of body language, voice modulation, and non-verbal cues in enhancing communication, reflecting Glam Your Image’s comprehensive approach.

Elegance Beyond the Exterior

What sets Reis apart is her recognition that etiquette isn’t just about external actions; it’s a reflection of inner values. Through her guidance, individuals embrace a code of conduct that aligns with their authenticity. She empowers them to communicate with eloquence, fostering an environment of respect, regardless of the setting. Reis goes beyond the surface, nurturing the very essence of effective communication through the marriage of words, body language, and tone, a principle intricately linked with Glam Your Image’s philosophy.

Elisabete Reis’ journey stands as a testament to the power of etiquette and protocol in enriching lives and communication. 

Her legacy isn’t just in the elegant gestures and poised interactions; it’s in the profound transformations that occur when individuals embrace grace in their everyday encounters. Through her expertise, Reis illuminates the path towards a world where elegance, effective communication, and respect are the cornerstones of every interaction, as embodied by Glam Your Image’s holistic approach.


















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