Businesswoman Dareen El Samarany: Charitable Work is a Top Priority

Poverty invades the world” is a slogan that has emerged recently with catastrophic results that have contributed to the decline in the standard of living of millions of people all over the world, and in light of the complete absence of many governments from carrying out their duties, charitable work has become the sole solution in many nations.

   From here, and away from the world of finance and business in the field of beauty, Dareen El Samarany, the owner of the Face of Dee brand, seeks to focus her attention on charitable work as much as possible.

 In this context, Dareen provides her financial support primarily to NGOs that carry out activities oriented towards educational services, as these organizations work to help millions of children on a large scale to secure their basic right to education.

 On the other hand, and out of her love for animals, Dareen also provides a lot of financial support to pet rescuers from various associations and institutions that work to protect homeless animals by providing shelter, food, and medical services, in addition to confronting repeated violations of animal rights at all levels.

  Dareen dreams of owning her charitable foundation in the near future by allocating at least 15% of her company’s Face of Dee profit to this goal, as she finds her ultimate satisfaction in helping poor people.

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