Mohammed Alnuaimi Stresses the Importance of Trade and Investment

Mohammed Alnuaimi, an Emirati entrepreneur,  a well-known name in the field of commercial investments in UAE and GCC, as well as being a founding partner and CEO of the ”Masafa Investment” company, and a founding partner of ”Dubai Watch Club”.

Mohammed earned his Bachelor degree in Communications Engineering from Khalifa University, before earning his MBA from Abu Dhabi University,  starting his career in finance and business.

In 2012, Mohammed created ”Masafa Investment”, a company that has been working for many years to bring the world’s largest brands to the Emirates, signing exclusive agency contracts and commercial concessions to enhance the presence of these brands in UAE consumer markets and promoting these products through deliberate marketing strategies within the economic systems.

Through the company, Mohammed works to develop SMEs by providing all the necessary business advice to support ideas and develop specific plans and programs to move them to reality. The company runs a large number of developing and advanced projects, seeking to develop many brands at all levels, often for celebrities and influencers.

Through his accounts in the virtual world, Mohammed stresses the importance of trade and investment. He usually highlights different business topics to provide tips to his followers, which can help them to put structured plans to fulfil their aims and have future achievements.

On the other hand, Mohammed  Alnuaimi has had the opportunity to deal with many famous brands to promote as influential, popular figures such as Bugatti, Jacob & Co, Nutella, Tiffany & Co.

Mohammed believes that private enterprise in the Arab world is the key to develop Arab economies and supporting Arab youth to increase employment opportunities and move away from the routine and traditional work towards a bigger world of investment and establishment of domestic and international trade relations.

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