Sarah Yamout: Some Brands Make a Successful Investment

International fashion brands compete to develop their products and services while adhering to the highest criteria of quality and efficiency, in search of the decent possible means to raise the value of their products to maintain high financial profits.

In this context, the co-founder of Prime Luxury Outfit fashion company Sarah Yamout pointed out that some brands are promising and prosperous investments in this specific period, where the global economy is famished, for example, Yamout mentioned the French brand Chanel, and what it offers of classic bags in the same style since 1982 until now with a price increase from 400 dollars in 1982 to 8500 dollars in 2022. ️

On the other hand, Sarah highlighted the experience of the international brand Rolex/ Rolex, which has succeeded through its adopted policy in raising the value of its products، 

Over the past few years, Rolex has become a rarity. The supply cannot match the significantly increased demand, which allows sellers to take benefit of the supply and demand gap by imposing exorbitant profits, as Rolex raised the prices of its watches by more than 4.2% at the beginning of 2022 to surpass both diamonds and gold at this level.

According to a study by Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation company, Sarah stated that the Nike brand has retained its lead over the most valuable clothing brands in the world, with its brand value increasing by 9% to reach 33.2 billion US dollars, surpassing other sportswear brands such as Adidas, which managed to raise its brand by only 2% to reach 14.6 billion US dollars.

Sarah stressed that the prime Luxury Outfit policy is based mainly on the investment of the most profitable and permanent brands, which is reflected positively in the company’s profitability and an increase in demand for its high-quality products.

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