Who is Lizan Dizaye?

Lizan Dizaye is a Kurdish Dutch awarded singer, songwriter, influencer model, climate activist and Wfpusa ambassador.


Dizaye was born in 1988 in Kurdistan the city of Erbil based in northern Iraq. In 1993, due to the conflict in her hometown, she was compelled to move to the Netherlands with her parents to live safely. 


In 2003, Lizan joined the High School Idol Competition where she was given the chance to sing Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On” live on stage. Her performance was impressive; she was able to mesmerize her audience’s attention and won the competition. She was also able to win a High School Pageant in 2003.


Lizan comes from a hefty well-known family called Dizaye. Her parent’s ancestors have monarchic royal blood; they stood next to one of the monarchic Turkish Osmanli kings during the periods of the Osmanli Empire. Even though the Kurdish Dizaye family members weren’t authorized to be artists to avoid influencing their monarchic name negatively, Lizan never gave up on her dreams and she proudly asserted in most of her meetings that one should dare to pursue his/her dreams and show people how worthy it is respectfully. 


 At an early age, Lizan’s parents realized that she is a highly gifted child and she used to capture attention with her amazing voice and dance. At age 17, she joined the Dutch X-Factor competition, where she was spotted by Dutch Getty Image, and started her modelling career. 


After her modelling shoots, Lizan moved to Vancouver Canada for a month where she recorded songs at the Vancouver studio, joined mountain fest and got a distinction for her enchanting voice!


In 2020, she released her first love song “Hey my Love” on all social media platforms. The song grabbed her listeners’ attention and earned thousands of streams.


A month later, she released her second song, ”I Can’t Breathe”. 

The memorable three words “I Can’t Breathe” which were uttered by George Floyd as his life was extinguished beneath the knee of a police officer in the USA and become a rallying cry for racial justice and police reform in the U.S. and across the globe. These three utterances were sufficient to touch her fans’ hearts and to receive praise and thousands of clicks on Instagram and other platforms where they showered her with compliments and love.


The song was a prominent success, earning Lizan widespread recognition among celebrities who started to follow her such as Justin Bieber and many others. Her star status was cemented, and she got featured in over 40 American legit press media magazines like Newsbreak, Billboard hip-hop, Thisis50, Vocal, fashionmagazinenyc, Vogue, Vents, Pitchfork, Wikimedia, and many more.


 In 2021, Lizan kept soaring higher and reached over 400k followers fans on Instagram; she released 8 more songs including “Quarantine” a motivation song based on those who forfeited their beloved ones during the Covid -19 pandemic which received plenty of interactions and appreciation. 


Lizan also released EDM House Pop-rap song “Vibes” featuring Famefaiella and Johnlamp. The song went viral on Instagram and other platforms so she got featured on a billboard Timesquarenyc. Lizan has more astonishing melodies on the way so stay tuned!

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