Agustina Brum: The Healing Power of Gemstones

“These are powerful tools that can interact with our body’s meridians, bring clarity within, connect us to guidance, and inspire our mind.”

These are the words of Agustina Brum as she shows us her gemstone collection. 

This entrepreneur, international model, esthetician, and artist has always been deeply fascinated with gemstones. Her love story with these wonderful stones begins when she was a little girl living in Uruguay. Together with her family, they often visited their farm in Artigas, where Agustina found herself surrounded by beautiful crystals that offered her serenity, joy and helped her feel more connected to her spirituality. Just like that, a love affair was born.

Having experienced the healing and joys of gemstones, Agustina was eager to share this knowledge with others. Her biggest dream was to be able to bring the crystals that had brought her so much joy as a child to California, where she currently lives. As an it-esthetician, Agustina has always had a keen interest in helping others feel positive and confident in themselves, and crystals are just another way to do that.

Currently, her dream is moving along well as she describes her crystal collection with pride. Each crystal is unique in its size, color, and power. Their colors are a heavenly-bright sight to behold, their sizes tell us of their scarcity and price, their power is practically divine, and their names unfold their influence. Amethyst, a crystal she is particularly fond of, is attached to serenity, understanding, and grace. She emphasizes how this special gem offers protection, humility, spiritual wisdom, and stress relief for all its users and labels it a powerful tool given to us by Mother Earth.

However, it is her knowledge of Uruguay’s ability to produce the rarest deep purple amethysts in the world that shows her passion for gems. How she reveals interesting facts about the rarest and largest crystal ever found in Uruguay in 2007 truly lets her devotion for these mesmerizing crystals shine through. The spectacular mineral she describes, which is known as “The Empress of Uruguay,” is 3.27 meters high and weighs two and a half tons.

To help others experience the joys and allow these natural geodes to heal many is Agustina’s life-long dream. With private showings to her showroom, Agustina is giving more people access to these beautiful, rare, and very powerful crystals. She believes these wonderful crystals can have a better opportunity to be more effective and enable you to simply trust your instinct as you enjoy the journey towards, spiritual wisdom, self-realization, and stress relief.

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