Prime Luxury Outfit offers a wide range of pre-owned luxury products

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting global economic shifts have resulted in significant business transformations that have reflected on the luxury second hand sector in its various fields, highlighting some sectors at the expense of others. 


In this context, Sarah Yamout, co-founder of Prime Luxury Outfit, pointed out that the secondhand pre-loved market is one of the thriving commercial fields since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, and it has contributed to the increase on demand of second-hand fashion from consumers/customers , in addition also to the conscious consumerism trend. And in light of the economic situation, which has prompted consumers to focus on fast fashion that keeps pace with the latest trends at low prices compared to the original product.


From here , according to Sarah Yamout, Prime Luxury Outfit relied on its e-commerce platforms , for the “resale” business field. As The consumer is now using these platforms to find the best outfits that suit him, and there is no doubt that pre-owned items from famous and luxury brands will be the best choice for most consumers from varied classes as a result of the high prices of luxury fashion globally, in addition to the financial pressures experienced by people in different parts of the world.


Sarah added: “Prime Luxury Outfit platform seeks, through re-selling, to provide the best possible options to the consumer, who can check all the company’s products in full detail through its website and social media accounts”.


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