Wedding Designer Mohamad Ghayad Continues to Shine Globally

Lebanese wedding designer Mohamad Ghayad has managed to organize the heftiest weddings in the Middle East and the world in recent years, where his imprint is apparent in the arena through his corporation Le Mariage.

The Pearl Harmony wedding was his latest achievement which was organized in the Qatari capital, Doha, and many have categorized it as one of the heftiest weddings in the Middle East, due to the ingenious techniques and contemporary standards that were used in the project management and implementation in all its details.

 In a special dialogue with our website, Ghayad deciphered, “We work at Le Mariage to deliver high-quality services according to lofty standards. We prepare weddings in an integrated manner, paying attention to all features, starting with invitation cards, through decorations, table of perfumes, reception, flowers, food, even makeup, sound and lighting, and hospitality, which is vital and most significant component for customers.”

Designer Mohamad Ghayad is waiting eagerly for a summer full of the heftiest events, which come in alliance with many celebrities so Ghayad will strive to consolidate his track record and add unique qualitative success in the field of organizing gigantic weddings.

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