Rasha Abdel Reda: Life’s Problems Can Lead To Personal Growth

 As we know,  the world has witnessed a difficult period due to the terrible outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which pushed many countries to tighten quarantine mechanisms and requirements to ensure safety measures and preserve their citizens’ health.

  In this situation, necessity was the mother of invention for decorator Rasha Abdel Reda, known on the Instagram platform with her page “MyNameIsRasha”, who has always dazzled her followers with her creativity and exceptional ideas.

 In this context, Rasha took advantage of the quarantine time to reconstruct one of her bathrooms innovatively, adding her esoteric touches. Rasha and her husband were able to challenge themselves and did something outside of their comfort zone. They were resilient enough to come back from the toughest of times and think creatively. Self-challenging has led to their personal growth, inspiration and aptitude.


 The blogger shared a video with her followers on Instagram showing the reconstruction process, highlighting her exceptional arrangement and innovation, so it appeared in the most impressive pattern that won everyone’s approval.


Written by: Maha Shhadeh

 To watch the video:

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