Ali Yassine: Winds Blow Counter to what Ships Desire

Ali Yassine, a Lebanese journalist and TV presenter, who made his name in the field of media, as he interviewed the most important celebrities in the Arab world, through his program “With Ali Yassine”, which is shown on the “Al Jadeed” TV.

 Ali has pursued journalism as a profession at an early age. His self-efficacy and strong belief in his ability to succeed enabled him to establish himself by himself and his passion for his work made all the difference.

 In the beginning, he worked as an editor on the Art website and then moved to Al-Jadeed TV, where he currently presents his episodes and also keeps pace with the advanced technological age in every step he takes.  In this context, he took a different space for himself on social media platforms and created his accounts, followed by thousands of people across the globe and still, due to the distinctive content that he publishes daily.

 What many of us do not know is that Ali aspired to become a fashion designer because he loved sewing and drawing. Fashion was his passion and his main concern, but winds blow counter to what ships desire. Ali was granted a scholarship from the Lebanese University due to his distinguished marks in high school. Unfortunately, fashion design was not included in this scholarship, so he decided to study Media and Journalism.

 There is no doubt that Ali’s goal is continuity and not only success. His ambition did not stop at what he has reached today, and the spark of his dream is still burning inside him to reach the threshold of leadership and meet more Arab and international celebrities.

 Being a dreamer and determined person, the journalist Ali Yassine believes that “everything happens for a reason in life,” and he always calls for patience and not to lose hope, as the word “surrender” does not have a place in his dictionary.  No matter how rough the road may be, we can and we will, never, never surrender.

Written by: Maha Shhadeh

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