Elsa Boulos: The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media

Technological progress greatly affects many aspects of human life, and the greater this progress, the more it affects people’s lifestyles.  With the increasing reliance on the Internet, the use of social media platforms has become an essential part of daily communication and receiving information for many people in the world.

 In this context, Lebanese-American model Elsa Boulos highlights this issue stressing the importance of keeping a balance between the virtual world and reality as the best way to avoid the harm that may occur as a result of full involvement on social media platforms.

 In the details, Elsa adds that these platforms are a double-edged sword;  human beings should know how to use them perfectly. Social media networks have many positive impacts on people’s lives; they promote collaboration, communication, and social interaction, as well as provide more opportunities to find jobs or to promote a business. Yet, these networks can also bring many problems such as addiction, social isolation, misinformation, cyberbullying, and false illusions.

Elsa emphasizes the need of keeping a balance and avoiding the excessive use of such platforms. One should be smart enough to take advantage of these platforms and avoid their harm. One should also know how to avoid being drawn into comparisons with others, how to find beauty within himself and not to be deceived by the fake world.

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