Leen Clive: Talking about her Involvement in the Superhero Project and her Preparation for Mrs World

Leen Clive, Mrs World UK, has been invited to be a guest of honour at the reveal event for the character ANTAAR – the first Arab superhero created by Salim Al Zahabi. In the revealing event, Leen delivered a speech about her feelings toward this project, and how superheroes are always trying to teach the new generation lessons of courage, strength, and overcoming difficulties. 

Whilst in Dubai, Leen did some TV appearances with MBC in the number one Tv show (Trending) and Rotana TV talking about her involvement in the Superhero project and her preparation for Mrs World which is going to take place in Las Vegas in January 2022.

Leen Clive did her fitting with the famous Syrian designer Houida Baridi who is going to dress Leen for her final appearances on the stage in Mrs World.

Leen has also done a photoshoot wearing Houida’s collection in the Palazzo Versace Hotel, where Leen was enjoying her stay in Dubai.

Leen is very excited about Mrs World’s experience, where 60 countries from all over the world are going to compete for the title. Leen Clive is very proud to be representing the UK in this international pageant.

Written by: Maha Shhadeh

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